What is a faith promise commitment? It is a promise to trust God with giving a certain amount as long as God continues to provide.

Why don’t we do something more extravagant than this? Christ Fellowship has always focused on function over form. So we want to be light, flexible and available for new opportunities that God could give us. This is a level of expansion and debt that we can sustain without it controlling our future decisions.

Will we borrow money? Yes. We will take out a short-term loan to get started. That money along with our current savings and our pledge commitments will pay for the different phases of this “Daring Faith Experience.” We currently have about 6 million dollars of equity in our buildings and property and have zero debt.

Who has been thinking through this process? Pastor Bruce & Heather Moore, Pastor Brian & Marianne Elliott, Pastor Larry & Brenda Chadwell, Pastor Eddy & Kathy Williams, Ron & Jeannie Donahey, Don & Kathy Renner, James & Evelyn Hartley. These pastors, along with our trustees and staff and key leaders are excited about this new adventure.

Will we attract only people that are just looking for a “shiny new church?” No, we will attract people that our sovereign Savior is calling out no matter what their motives. It is the faith of a group of people that God uses to stir the hearts of new people to follow Jesus. We are grateful that God uses various avenues to bring people to Himself.

How can I join the process of giving without adding anything to my budget? One of the best ways to start is to give up something that you regularly do and reallocating that money to this faith movement. It could be a daily drive through Starbucks each day or cutting your cable. Reallocating just $20 per week would amount to $3120.00 over a 3 year commitment.

Where will we be holding worship gatherings during construction? The Fellowship Hall or Gym.

What happens if we do not hit our giving goal? Because we are rolling out this project in phases, it allows us to use what has been given and then to roll out more phases as we receive more money.

How long will the renovation process take? For the auditorium which will be at the beginning of Phase One, 4-6 weeks. For the entire project we have been given estimates of 2-3 years.

When will we begin construction? Sometime during the summer.